Tech Note: Staycation

During September 11th, we were concerned about what our future would hold.  Would Americans stop spending money?  Would America ever recover from such a horrific day?  What 2001 taught us is that Americans stand strong in the face of uncertainty and what became popular is “Staycations”… a vacation in your own backyard.  What we are seeing during this pandemic is that now especially, Americans are being forced to spend time in their backyard.  Vacations are getting cancelled and now more than ever, swimming pools are becoming one of the most popular luxuries in backyards. 

While Bi-State Pool & Spa is slowly expanding, our backlog of pools goes into 2021.  Often we are asked, well why don’t you just hire a bunch more people?  Our response is, well if you don’t mind 4 guys learning how to build pools start learning in your backyard, we would love to have them learn there.  Of course, while it is not rocket science building pools, it certainly does involve some knowledge, and having project managers in your backyard who have been in the industry for 20 years certainly is an advantage to having people use you as a testing ground. 

This year has certainly been a challenge and maintaining the health of our staff and customers is at the forefront.  We hope that this message finds you well and we want to thank all of you for being our friends and customers.  Bringing fun to peoples backyard is what makes our job so enjoyable.  We are happy that our industry has been deemed essential and while we have staff that has self quarantined for fear of getting others sick, we have no confirmed cases of corona virus within our workplace.  Fortunately, we have an abundance of chlorine, so sanitizing has become more prevalent this year and if you come to visit us, you may want to bring a nose clip as the smell of chemicals often follows us home.

Thank you for following us on Facebook.  It shows us that our customers care about their backyards and this year we will be making a better habit of posting weekly pictures of ideas for your backyard.  Cheers to a healthy and FUN summer and thank you for your continued support.

Bi-State Pool & Spa Staff

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