April 2020

Vinyl Liner Replacement

Liner faded? Leaking?? Looking to spruce up your in-ground pool???  NOW is the time.  Call our experienced staff and request a quote to replace your existing liner.  Don’t forget to ask about changing out your tired worn out fiberglass inserts with custom vinyl liner steps and benches.  

FREE "no-contact" Chemical Delivery

Responding to COVID-19 concerns, Bi-State is offering our customers FREE “no-contact” chemical delivery.  Place your order through email or simply calling the office and we will deliver within 5 business days.  Orders must be over $100 to get free delivery. Below are chemical package options based on tab or salt water pool.  Individual products and Read More

Tech Note: Staycation

During September 11th, we were concerned about what our future would hold.  Would Americans stop spending money?  Would America ever recover from such a horrific day?  What 2001 taught us is that Americans stand strong in the face of uncertainty and what became popular is “Staycations”… a vacation in your own backyard.  What we are Read More


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