February 2016

What is Carecraft?

What is Carecraft?

Carecraft is a buying group that Bi-State Pool & Spa is a proud member of.  Being one of the first in the area to belong to this group of pool professionals, our motto is to “network – buy better – have fun”.  We just got back from another conference.  At the meeting, we certainly Read More

Who is the best?

Who is the best?

It is always funny to me when I am purchasing a product from a salesman and they tell me “ours is the best”.  Everything in life has pros and cons and if there was truly any product that was the “best”, then it would be an easy choice.  When you go to buy a car, Read More


This is the time of year that we start to fill up our re-surfacing schedule.  Every year someone calls and says “well thank God I called in early May so that my pool can be re-plastered before the end of the month”… Well, no so much.  In fact, our suggestion is that if you need Read More


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