This is the time of year that we start to fill up our re-surfacing schedule.  Every year someone calls and says “well thank God I called in early May so that my pool can be re-plastered before the end of the month”… Well, no so much.  In fact, our suggestion is that if you need a new liner / paint / plaster, coping, tile, concrete, deck work, etc that you contact us as soon as possible.  Every year we have booked up our schedule for Memorial day well before April.  And that is just a guess, we never know what mother nature is going to throw out and how our schedule will change with the weather.  Some things are for certain though, a pool should be renovated every 5 – 10 years.  Just as there are changes in houses, cars, televisions, etc, there are certainly changes that come along with your pool.  Variable speed pumps for instance will again be very popular this year with Ameren rebates being offered and simply the cost savings on your electric bill.  If you still have an incandescent light for instance, get rid of that puppy.  You don’t have incandescent lights in your home!  You have switched them all to LED lighting, which lasts for many years and gives off better light.  And if you thought changing a bulb in a household fixture was difficult, it is that much more-so in an underwater light.

Please contact us with your renovation needs early and pass along our name to a friend.  Being a small company, we rely on our customers word of mouth as a way to keep our overhead costs low and as always, thank you for being a great customer and passing our name along.  Thank you for doing that for us!  Happy Swimming!

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