Tech Note: Renovation

We are so happy!  SPRING has (or is about to) SPRUNG!  That means soon we will be jumping into our pools and enjoying the summer.  As we get older, we see wrinkles start to form in places where they didn’t use to be.  Fortunately, we have doctors that can fix these wrinkles on people, but what do we do when we see those wrinkles in a pool?  Well consider us your pool doctor!

Interior finishes are something that go bad over time on all pools.  Concrete pools, the tile/ plaster is something that has to be replaced, typically after 10-20 years.  On vinyl liners, those need to be replaced after 7-15 years and fiberglass pools will start to fade after 10 years or so.  Why the span you ask?  Well, that depends on several things.  The main way to keep our surfaces durable the longest is by maintaining water chemistry.  The reason we offer winter pool service is simply because even during the winter, your pool is still exposed to that water and good water chemistry is still important, even when the pool is not being used.

The nice thing about concrete, vinyl and fiberglass pools is that we can give them upgrades and make it look new again by adding new plaster, vinyl liner or paint.  You want to add a tanning shelf to your pool?  A great time to do it is right before you install that liner or plaster job!  Contact our office to find out what new innovations that manufacturer’s have come up with over the last 5 years.  Glass bead plaster surfaces, textured vinyl liners, glass tile, 3-D liners (that is correct, you have to wear special glasses / goggles to see the pattern in 3-D while you are swimming).  New products seem to evolve every year and we always love being on the cutting edge of the industry trends.  So if your pool is crying out that it needs a lift, call the pool doctors at Bi-State Pool & Spa and let us give your pool a diagnosis.

Happy Swimming!


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