Tech Note: “Hey Alexa, fix my pump”

How we wish it were that easy.  With today’s equipment, programming schedules and understanding software becomes much more important.  Just like televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, etc., all of our equipment tends to have computers matched to them.  In some ways, this proves to be great, but in some ways, it tends to cause more issues.  It is very neat that the latest in technology allows us to set up our equipment with our google home and we can say “hey google, turn my pool lights on to red”, but at the same time, it takes programming in order to get to that point, and in many occasions, software / hardware upgrades.
The good news about new equipment is that just like new cars, much of the equipment gives us error codes whereas it helps us to troubleshoot issues, but over half of our service calls are simply customers that have nothing wrong with their equipment, simply that the equipment lost connection to its home port.
As always, if you have questions, please contact our office and if we can’t talk you through an issue, we can always have a service call set up to help you get out of your issue.
Happy Swimming!
Bi-State Pool & Spa
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