Tech Note: Cool Weather Approaching

As cool weather approaches, we focus on several things:

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  • If you haven’t scheduled winterization, please do so.  Obviously, the trend is to keep the pools open a little later this year as families are staying home.  Also be mindful that as the leaves start falling, more vacuuming of the pool and emptying of skimmer baskets will need to take place.

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  • Heaters have become incredibly popular this year, but in some instances in short supply.  As many are looking at leaving their pools open later, remember to test fire your heater before it is needed.  When pandemic time hit and it was found that heaters were in short supply, we purchased truck loads of them, so if you are interested, we do have them and install over 100 heaters a year.  Both gas heaters and electric heat pumps are great for extending your season.
  • We do a blog every year about winter maintenance.  In particular chemical maintenance is particularly important during winter months.  Regular pool water temperatures (84 degrees) become corrosive under freezing / cold temperatures.  So a misconception is that even though the pool isn’t running that chemicals do not need to be kept in check.  Maintaining your water chemistry during the winter however can add years to the surface of your pool.  While it may cost for the chemicals, it is far less costly than re-surfacing or replacing liners in pools.
In all, this has been a wildly successful year for Bi-State and that is thanks to both you our customers and to our employees who have been working much overtime this year to keep our customers happy.  We wish to thank everyone for their efforts and understanding as this has been a very trying year for everyone.  We are soooo happy that we are seeing everyone enjoying their backyards more this year than ever.  We hope that the family memories will last a lifetime and like all of our customers know, pool memories are great memories!
Cheers to a pandemic-free 2021!!!
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