Tech Note: Let Us Take Care of Your Pool


Pool ownership is a big responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be. When you choose Bi-State Pool & Spa as your professional pool service company, rest assured your pool is in good hands. Our professional service and maintenance team is ready to take on the responsibility, giving you the time you need to do what’s most important – enjoying your pool.

Bi-State Pool & Spa offers a variety of routine service packages that will keep your pool and spa in pristine shape. We understand every pool and pool owner is different, that’s why we tailor a pool service package that works for you and your schedule. Once we determine the level of pool maintenance you are looking for, we will be able to create a routine service schedule at a competitive rate.

For the extra busy homeowner, we provide full pool service: pool cleaning, skimmer and basket emptying, water chemistry, filter cleaning, and periodic equipment checks just to name a few. Our monthly program is great for the pool owner who doesn’t want to worry about chemical maintenance, as we perform the necessary water chemistry tests and provide the pool chemicals.

Set Up Pool Service Today!

We take pride in being able to provide professional care for your pool. Contact us today to set up a service and maintenance schedule that works best for you.


Get up to a $150 rebate* on select pool cleaners.

Pentair’s complete suite of pool cleaners are the easy, efficient way to free your time, with peace-of-mind. Our selection of suction-side cleaners work with your pump as a sort-of underwater vacuum, while pressure-side cleaners utilize the pump to propel them forward. Or, if ease is what you’re after, a robotic cleaner might be right up your alley. No matter which solution you’re looking for,  we’ve got the cleaner to match.


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