Tech Note: Cleaning Package

Tech Note: Cleaning Package

Work, make dinner, clean the house, do laundry, dishes.  It is a wonder that we have time to enjoy our pools, yet I’m sure as you look back on your childhood, I bet that many of your fondest memories revolved around swimming at either your pool or a friends / relatives pool.  When we go out on a pool sale call we do let the homeowner know that just like any hobby, it does take time to care for your pool.  However, there are many ideas that we are going to offer you to make your life easier and allow you to spend more time enjoying your pool…

Automation has also made pools much easier to own than when I was a kid.  Advances such as robotic vacuums, chemical automation, alternative sanitizers, timers and smart phone technology all help us to have many of our pool controls at the tip of our fingers at all times.

We have several staff who’s only job is to make weekly stops at residential and commercial pools.  They adjust chemicals, clean filters, baskets, pumps, brush and vacuum pools, clean automatic vacuum bags, brush, etc.  Cleaning packages include opening and closing of your pool and are simply a great choice for our customers that don’t have the time to care for their pool and simply want to enjoy it!

 A LINK to our packages is attached here.  Through March 15, we will be holding our 2018 pricing, so if you are interested in a cleaning package, now is the time to act because let’s face it, margaritas and bratwurst are a much better way to enjoy your pool than with a scrub brush and rubber gloves!  Even if we can’t help you with a cleaning package, again, many of the advances in pools may be on your menu when it comes time to give your pool that next face lift.  Give us a shout, we always like to share our ideas with you!

Happy Swimming!

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