Chlorine Shortage Could Spoil Summertime Fun In Swimming Pools

Happy May to all of our customers!  Many calls are coming in because of the news stories that have been hitting the airwaves.  We have shared one of those stories from the Today Show.  Last year when we thought things couldn’t get any more crazy, a hurricane hit Lake Charles, La.  What resulted was a Read More

Importance of Pool Winter Service

Tech Note: Winter Service For those of you that utilized “winter service” this year, thank you… and more importantly, your pool thanks you. There are many reasons why winter service are important. Let’s go over a few of them here: 1. Probably most importantly is water chemistry. When water gets colder, it becomes more corrosive Read More

Filters Vs. Socks

  I like to give analogies to help people understand swimming pools.  Often, when talking about cartridge filters, I start thinking about my socks.  I have all sorts of socks.  Some are thin, some are thick and wow!  Do I ever have a favorite pair of socks that I love to wear!   I started Read More


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