Tech Note: Leak Detection

Have you ever watched an ice cube in an ice cube tray?  Sure the water turns to ice, but what happens to the water that is in the tray?  It gets bigger.  During the winter, our soils do the same thing, they expand and contract.  This is the reason why pools in the northern climates Read More

Tech Note: Renovation

We are so happy!  SPRING has (or is about to) SPRUNG!  That means soon we will be jumping into our pools and enjoying the summer.  As we get older, we see wrinkles start to form in places where they didn’t use to be.  Fortunately, we have doctors that can fix these wrinkles on people, but Read More

Tech Note: pH Effects

Tech Note: pH Effects

According to industry standards, pH values in pools should remain between 7.2 and 7.8. I always tell customers that pH is the most important factor in your water chemistry, but I do not always tell them why. There are several reasons for this, which I will explain in more details here. So smack-dab in the Read More

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