Need a facelift?

Need a facelift?

So you need a facelift, huh?  No, not you!  Your pool!  Well, just like a house that ages and needs new carpeting, flooring, roofing, etc., a pool also needs to be freshened up every once in a while.  Interior finishes are typically either plaster or paint on concrete pools, vinyl liners on packaged pools, or fiberglass gel coat on fiberglass pools.

The first two types of pools, concrete and vinyl are the easiest to give a facelift to.  Resurfacing these types of pools can make a world of difference to the appearance and functionality of the pool.  Frequently, we will even add steps or sun ledges to these types of pools to change the entire look and fun-factor of the pool.  With concrete pools, the most durable surface is to re-plaster the surface, and within the plaster family, there are many choices as well… Traditional white plaster (marcite), pebble products (such as pebble tec), polished product (such as pebble sheen), quartz products (such as diamond brite), glass bead (beadcrete), etc, etc, etc.  There is also paint products, which don’t typically last as long, but is also much less expensive (approximately half the cost, but only lasts about 1/3 the time).  Liner pools also have options on the liners, obviously, there are many different patterns, textures, thicknesses, etc.  The key to both of these surfaces is the level of quality of the labor installing them.  The more experience, the better.

On fiberglass pools, the surface of the pool is meant to last for many, many years, the issues that comes is that when it does come time to re-surface them, it is more expensive than plastering or liner replacements and is typically done by factory representatives.

With any of these types of re-surfacing, the main factor that allows their prolonged life is water chemistry and a good winter cover.  If you have these two things, you will easily double the life of your surfaces.  84 days until the pools open, you would have to call VERY soon if you would like these done prior to labor day.  Our schedule (especially plaster) fills up extremely quickly.

Happy Swimming!

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