Energy Savings

Let’s talk energy savings…

In your house right now, what type of light bulbs do you have in your fixtures?  Have you replaced your furnace in the last 20 years?  How about your refrigerator?  The reason we replace these items is because although the initial cost may be high (LED light bulbs cost 5 times more than incandescent bulbs), there is a cost savings over time that far outweighs the initial cost of the item.

So let’s talk lights – This is the easiest to understand.  Light emitting diodes, or LED’s are 90% more efficient than Incandescent lightbulbs.  AND they last 10 times as long!  So while a light fixture may cost 3 times as much, you are literally saving thousands of dollars in bulb replacements and energy efficiency by simply switching out your light bulbs.

Now for motors / pumps – Variable speed pumps also run 90% more efficient than traditional pumps.  There is also the option of simply replacing your motor with a variable speed motor.  The motors last 3 times longer because they are totally enclosed motors which also work utilizing a soft start, which is easier on the motor.

Heat – Heat pumps are 4 times as efficient as a natural gas heater.  While true that they will not give you the instant heat that a natural gas heater will put out, it will give you a constant heat that will save you thousands of dollars over the life of the heat pump.  And talking about life, the titanium heat exchanger will last several times longer than the traditional copper heat exchangers of standard gas heaters.

We practice what we preach… every pool owner within our company has these features on their pool.  In fact, if you will pay for the cost savings, we will give you the items for FREE.  Cost saving calculators can be found online at  Pentair is the largest pool equipment manufacturer in the world.

Happy Swimming!

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