Your pool coping is the decorative edge that surrounds your pool.  This area can be done a number of different ways to achieve the look you want. 

Poured Concrete with Aluminum Edge

The most basic swimming pool coping is our poured cantilevered concrete using an aluminum edge.  This is done by using an aluminum front form that is attached to the top of your pool wall.  The concrete is poured into the aluminum form and smoothed on top. This gives your pool a very nice smooth edge that will match your poured concrete deck.


Poured Concrete with Stegmeier Forms

An upgrade to the basic aluminum edge is to use a Stegmeier form.  This form is attached to the pool wall and the concrete coping is poured.  Once the concrete is cured the form is removed to expose a beautiful coping edge. 

Stamped Concrete

To give your coping a different color and look you can choose to do a stamped concrete coping or deck. After the concrete is poured rubber stamps are brought in and placed on top of the still curing concrete to leave an impression.  After this, coloring agents and sealers are added to give you a beautiful unique look to your concrete coping. 


Brick and Stone

To give your pool a more natural look you can choose to use natural stone or bricks as coping. These stones are set on top of the pool wall and secured.  The joints are then grouted to give a natural flat very elegant looking coping.